Artist information

Singer Mark Stouwdam and guitarist Peter Schilmöller are ‘soul mates’ since many years, and together they form Body & Soul. Initially as a duo that interpreted cover songs, later as a duo that started writing own music, which soon resulted in their debut EP “That Is What We Do” (Twenty-Two Records 2016) and later on their full-length album “No Turning Back” (Isolde Records 2020).

Body & Soul’s music can be described as jazzy Americana sound, influenced by a broad arsenal of music genres. Inspired by Jason Mraz, James Taylor, John Legend and The Bros. Landreth among others, the duo creates an effortless and original mixture of modern pop music with retro elements. Mark Stouwdam provides, with his experience as an actor among other things, a cabaret touch, while Peter brings the crossovers in their music due to his broad musical talent.

Their audience appreciates Mark’s vocals as sounding warm and silky like the voice of Raul Midon, for instance. People are often touched by the narrative guitar playing and the subtle accompaniment that Peter brings into Body & Soul’s music. Whether Body &Soul performs as a duo (as originally) or accompanied by a few excellent musicians to form a full five-piece band – the audience is always overwhelmed by the emotional impact that the group and their music have.

Body & Soul’s third album (“Stop & Have A Listen)”, Isolde Records 2022) features Matthijs van Noort (keys), Frans Vollink (bass), Peter Weissink (drums) and MartinVerdonk (percussion) among others.